02 – Eggplant mix (or how I like to call this dish: shake the eggplant!)

Hello everyone, and welcome to this new blog post! I’m super grateful for the huge amount of support I received on my first post… Thank you! (*ノωノ)

So, today I come with one of the best recipes ever. The good thing about this dish is that it is super versatile: you can mix it with rice, noodles, salads or just eat it by itself on a big bowl (my favorite way of eating it, really). This is a simple, yet delicious, eggplant mix. It’s super nutritious and packed with many healthy foods that will make you feel full and satisfied. It has a very low-calorie impact so you may eat it accompanying other dishes.

This is a very old recipe that’s been in my family for generations now. My grandmother used to mix it with pasta, sometimes using it as the main salsa for the dish, but I tend to eat it just by itself. As I stated previously, because this dish is super versatile you may eat it as a side dish to go with fish, meat or pork. It’s not Italian, tho, but Turkish (I think… I’d have to ask my grandma….). A pro tip: you may eat it warm or cold! 

Now, a few important details when it comes to cooking utensils:

a. You need to prepare this dish on a non-stick pan –> you’re gonna leave your eggplants on the stove for a while, so trust me: even if you’re gonna be using oil, USE A NON-STICK PAN. Also, trust me, you’re gonna need to keep mixing constantly cause eggplants tend to cook fast, burn and stick.

b. You may use very expensive and specific knives to slice the veggies but my recommendation would be a simple but very sharp one. Keep it simple over here, folks. Mind you: try to slice your eggplants not very thinly or else they’ll cook too fast and lose their juice.

c. For Christ’s sake, USE A WOODEN SPOON WHEN MIXING THE VEGGIES. Non-stick pans, especially Teflon ones, require wooden utensils. I’m gonna be posting a special entry soon about handling these type of pans because they are very useful and necessary but you really need to take care of them cause all of their amazing properties go to waste easily.

special (and optional!) ingredients: 

  1. Spices –> Use smoked paprika, trust me on this one. This adds a bit of spiciness and a special flavor, without really overshading the veggies’ true flavor.
  2. Salt –> if you’re gonna be using the paprika, I wouldn’t recommend using a lot of salt. Personally, I don’t even use salt for this dish. Golden rule: too many condiments do NOT make a dish tastier!!!! 
  3. A special tip –> ♡ black olives ♡ if you’ve read my previous post, you can already tell I have a thing for black olives. Slicing them super small and adding them to your dish actually gives a touch to it. But once again, my friends, do not over-do it   ( ◡‿◡ )
  4. A pro detail –> if you wanna eat this dish just by itself but you wanna add a bit of extra protein, just boil an egg, chop it and mix it with the veggies. The smaller you chop it, the better, so chop, chop, chop! 

Now, for the dish!

Eggplants mix (or Shake the eggplant (❤ω❤) )

Copia de Cream Vintage Botany General Recipe Card

  1. Chop, chop, chop! Start chopping your eggplants, the onions, and the peppers. Try to go slowly, carefully mixing them on the pan so that the veggies’ juices mix correctly and evenly as they cook. Go slowly so that you cut the veggies evenly. Try not to slice them too thinly or else they will most likely overcook.
  2. Add a bit of oil on the base of the pan and start adding the ingredients. Place it on the stove and start cooking it. The fire should be as low as possible because Teflon is very sensitive when it comes to heat. Every 5 or 8 minutes, mix the veggies slowly and evenly, making sure all ingredients become soft and that the eggplant’s juices and flavor stick to the onions and the peppers. Cook for about 15 – 20 minutes or till you see all of the veggies are soft, bland and properly cooked. Remove from the stove and let it cool for a few minutes. After the initial heat has gone down, remove the excess of oil + water and let it cool a bit more.
  3. Add the paprika and the olives (or the eggs!) ONLY after you’ve turned off the stove and the mix is a little colder. Otherwise, it will taste too bitter. Be sure to remove the mix from the Teflon pan as soon as possible. If you let the mix there for too long, it will become bitter and add a metallic flavor to the mix. 

Hope you guys enjoy this recipe and let me know what you thought about it! Thank you so very much for your comments and I’ll see you very very soon.

Lots of love,



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