who am I?

Hi! Welcome to gusshieats 🙂
Just a teen (… young adult… //sigh//) who loves to eat but, most importantly, cook!
Join me on my journey trying delicious food, discovering ingredients and different tastes and also cooking. This blog will be filled with experiences, smells and many many recipes. I hope you enjoy and be sure to leave your opinion down in the comments section.
My interests vary from public relations, digital communication, and digital design. I have a strong passion for poetry, literature in general and I love languages. I’m an animals enthusiast, cats lover and I don’t really sleep. I drink my coffee black and I’m a little obsessed with anime, especially Totoro. I’m avid videogames player and I love listening to music, hip-hop; rap and jazz with some small touches of soft blues and deep house. I only watch horror movies, I wear bags that are usually too heavy and I love taking random photographs out of anything. I’m a little shy and kind of a loner, obsessed with black&white; yellow&mint aesthetics. I act tough but I’m lowkey a softie.
Thank you so much for joining me! Let’s have fun, ok? 🙂